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 "What We Do"

A Powtoon look into our services here at Resource Logistics Group!


Complimentary Benchmark LTL & TL Benchmark Analysis

We off a free benchmark analysis to every new customer. All we need is 6-12 months of their detailed shipment history. This gives RLG the chance to get to know the client’s shipping patterns, volumes, current pricing, current accessorials, etc. If RLG does not see any potential savings based on what they review, then we will “pat the client on the back and tell them that they are doing a good job”. 

However, 9/10 analysis's show an opportunity for a client to save money. Again, this is a complimentary Benchmark service to the client.

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Project Management business

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Freight RFQ & Bid Management


Once we complete the benchmarking analysis, if we find an opportunity, then we will engage with the Client to put together a formal RFQ. It is important to stress to the client that it is not a simple matter of just putting out their volume and getting pricing proposals back. There is a "science"to what we do, and the 15 step process that we go through is very thorough and precise. We are also able to implement exactly what is negotiated. Client will only need to be engaged for 2-3 days out of the 6-10 week process.


RFQ/Bid Management for All Modes of Transportation

Resource Logistics Group acts as a knowledgeable advisor during each stage of the bid management process.

RFQ Management for Supply Chain Solutions

Resource Logistics Group assists companies with bidding out warehousing and logistics technology solutions.


Transportation Management Solution (TMS) 

In an increasingly technology-reliant industry, our TMS platforms play a critical role in helping shippers manage their goods throughout the global supply chain.  Our SME's have working knowledge of these branded TMS software’s such at Mercury Gate and 3G TMS. Resource Logistics Groups can make your transportation more profitable by reducing your payment and operating costs with these TMS. Please allow 15 minutes to experience the potential growth and cost savings with Resource Logistics Group Global Transportation Management Solutions Team.


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Freight Claim Management

Our expertise in managing the entire freight claims process saves companies time, money, and effort when dealing with lost and damaged shipments.

We will work with you and your personnel on filing any freight claims on your behalf. All we need is the documentation and we take it from there. We ensure that the claims are filed, acknowledged, and processed timely.

Statistical Reporting 

Business owners looking to reduce cost as it relates to all facets of the supply chain can take advantage of Resource Logistic Group’s detailed analytics, which evaluate current costs while forecasting future conditions. 

RLG provides our clients with “Information” (dashboards) and not “data” Data is the detail that is behind the information. We take all the stress and burden off of crunching the data and turn this into useable “information” for the client to then implement effective change if necessary. These reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Carrier summary reports
  • Location summary and detail reports
  • Accessorial summary and detail reports
  • Lost opportunity reports.
  • Savings reports
  • Cost per pound analysis.
Stat Reporting
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Freight Audit & Payment Management

Resource Logistic Group’s post-audit management is designed to facilitate claim payment from carriers. We provide customized plans for insourcing or outsourcing your freight audit and payment functions. Once a decision has been made, we step in to advise on sourcing the best solution. 

We do not offer full freight audit and payment services unless you are utilizing the TMS. However, we will work with your freight audit and payment provider at ensuring that all invoices are processed and paid accurately and timely.

We also work with them on any billing disputes to get them resolved and rectified to reduce the time that you must spend in getting things corrected. We can do this successfully because we have assisted in your contract development and pricing negotiations.

Ongoing Logistics Analysis  

By utilizing data, Resource Logistics Group delivers monthly reports on transportation spending and identifies opportunities for savings.

LTL Bid Analysis Tool 

RLG's revolutionary in-house tool that reduces your carrier RFP analysis from months and weeks, to days and minutes.

No more manual setups in excel or taking months to manipulate bid submissions. This copyrighted resource can be tailored to the clients needs which will enable them to create custom queries; assisting in the carrier decision making process.

  • Reduced bid process by 90%
  • Custom reporting allocations by lane, cost, location, region, ect
  • Accessorial summary and detail reports
  • Custom award caps for incumbents or new carriers.


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