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Who We Are

Who's RLG?

Bottom line, we put money back in your company's pocket. Period.

We're trusted transportation/logistics advisors that assist clients in reducing their overall transportation expenditures through leveraged negotiations based on current market intelligence.  We help to relieve the burdens of “back office” transportation management functions without taking control of our clients’ operations.  We offer professional services and state-of-the-art technology to help companies make intelligent logistics decisions.

We're called “RESOURCE” Logistics Group because we are a:

  • Resource for current transportation cost and pricing intelligence

  • Resource for turning your data into “information”.

  • Resource for you to reduce your transportation expenditures.

  • Resource for you to mitigate any pricing increases.

  • Resource for you to have access to the latest logistics technology.

  • Resource for you to have us resolve transportation pricing and billing disputes.

  • Resource to help you recover any overpayments to carriers.

  • Resource for you to file and manage freight claims.

  • Resource for you to have us assist with all your “back office” logistics management.

Resource Logistics Group by the numbers...

  • More than 30 free benchmarking analyses performed annually

  • 99% of businesses that take advantage of our free benchmarking analysis become clients

  • 11.3%-34.6% savings reported on LTL

  • 12.7%-24.8% savings on FTL van and flatbed

  • 100+ different reports delivered to clients each month identifying ways to reduce transportation costs.

  • ZERO middlemen — Resource Logistics Group provides guidance, not oversight. 

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