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Meet The Team

Steven Huntley


Steve is the former Vice President of Global Transportation for Tyco International, managing a $1.2 Billion transportation budget. He has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies in reducing their overall transportation and logistics costs. Steve is a leading expert in negotiating transportation contract language, pricing, and rules/accessorials for all modes of transportation including small parcel, LTL, FTL, ocean freight, and air freight for international and domestic shipments. In addition, his skill sets also range into transportation agreements for companies who ship within the European and Asian territories. His goal is to work with selective clients who are open to overhauling their transportation expenditures. By utilizing quality carriers and assisting them in updating their existing logistical structures, clients are able to maintain all day-to-day operations and relationships with their carriers. As President of RLG, he ensures that all freight carriers understand each client’s needs so that they can meet and/or exceed their expectations.


James Currier

Logistics Solutions Implementation Manager

James Currier has been part of the RLG family since 2021. Prior to his current role,  he held various positions at Benefytt Insurance. Now James focuses on implementation of all the logistics projects mainly concentrating on Transportation Management System (TMS). He works with external customers on a regular basis, developing, implementing, and managing various projects for their logistics solutions.


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Katie Barresi

Transportation Contract Administrator

Katie has been part of the RLG family for the since 2001. Prior to her current role she held various positions at People’s Trust Insurance. During her tenure, Katie established new departments and implemented new process's for almost a decade. Her specific skill sets have provided constant value add to RLG’s clients specifically in post audit claims services, recovering an average of 2% to 4% annually. Katie spearheads TL & LTL RFQ's and freight tenders, as well as aiding clients manage their transportation contracts directly with various carriers. Katie's most notable achievements have been developing and utilizing various transportation bid tools and processes, resulting in clients reducing carrier expenditures by as much as 30%.

Melissa Beckles

Senior Logistics Analyst

Melissa Beckles has been in the transportation industry for 10 years and has been with RLG since January 2021. She has her degree in Supply Chain Management from Rutgers University. She has worked as both a contract and pricing analyst, and as a customer service liaison for a major steamship line, as well as logistics and customer service coordinator for a major trucking company. Her duties included planning and executing load layouts, scheduling trucks, providing customer support, coordinating containers for export, and building rates for US inland and ocean rates. These skills have progressed her to become a major contributor to the RLG team and continues to apply her experience to ensure customer satisfaction.

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 Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

- Henry Ford